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UK's supplier of the Futurola range.


Futurola is a global brand leading the way in developing world-class collections of premium rolling and production devices that cater to individuals and professionals.

In 2019 Futurola partnered with Mike Tyson to produce an exclusive collection of terpene-infused blunt cones, blunt wraps and signature cone rollers.

Explore the complete range below...

Explore the range...


Each blunt wrap cone is infused with natural terpenes. These work together to complement the additional terpenes in the flower, highlighting the flavour for a trippy experience.


Indulge in the ultimate tobacco-free smoking experience with Futurola X Tyson 2.0 new terpene-infused wrap papers. Crafted to perfection, our papers provide a flavorful and aromatic twist to your smoking rituals.


Elevate your smoking experience with Futurola X Tyson 2.0 high-quality rolling papers, delivering convenience, portability, and unmatched enjoyment. Try them today and roll with perfection.


Our Futurola X Tyson 2.0 cone rollers make rolling the perfect cones effortless and precise, ensuring a seamless experience every time.

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