We Supply Premium Products that Elevate Experiences.

Who We Are​

With over 120+ years of experience working within the lifestyle industry, our team are invested in our industries future. Supporting only premium and innovative products that perform, we are here with a commitment to providing a quality service. 

How It Started​

With consistent changes within our industry and a lack of innovation over the past decade, we made it our mission to seek out a premium range of products and brands that work for business partners that customers can trust to elevate their experiences and deliver new ways to explore. 

Why Partner With Us

It is through our collected experience that we have refined our portfolio, services, and operating systems to ensure we deliver a quality experience to every visitor with no complex requirements. From your first click to your first delivery, we are here to support you right the way through. 

How We Work

Using the traditional service methodology like the “old days” we have trust and respect for store owners. 


We provide a fully integrated e-commerce system that simplifies your ordering process and supplies only the highest quality and innovative products on the market. 


We know what our clients and customers need, and so, our product pages are full of the highest quality brands and products to ensure you have peace of mind when making a purchase. 


Couple this with a smooth and simple ordering process, we welcome you to the Kloud Global generation. 

Our Network of Wholesalers

With the industry still operating in a clunky and time-consuming way, we have revitalised what it means to be a retailer of these types of appliances and accessories.

Where your success is our success, we are committed to ensuring that you not only have a streamlined ordering process but that you also have all of the tools and resources to effectively market and 'sell' our range of products within your store.

Learn from our experienced team and grow your store in the process.

Are you ready to join us in elevating our industry?

Our Community of Customers

Are you looking to elevate your experience? Tired of the ordinary, and seeking some adventure.

Explore our range of products and accessories that will heighten your senses. Whether it's a dinner party, holiday or just the everyday, enjoy your piece of luxury.



We only supply products of the highest quality within their field.



A people-centric approach lies at the heart of our brands culture.



We take an ethical approach in our practices to ensure a responsible delivery.



Building trust through consistently delivering on our commitments.

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